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theyve used a new 7 layer method to infuse the color on the new glass back. If you get tired of the shade you selected, you always can, add a case to change its appearance down the road. As I stated above, Silver will do the best job at hiding scratches and fingerprints.

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Because most websites have a white background, having a white frame will be less distracting and the pages will feel broader and more expansive. Thats right, Jet Black and Rose Gold are gone. If youre going to put your phone in a case, or you dont want people to know you have the brand new iPhone 8, this is the best color option for you. If youre going to be watching a lot of movies or videos on your iPhone, Space Gray is the best option for you as it will make the videos more immersive. But because the Space Grey version has a darker shade of black at the back, it might not hide the scratches as well as the Silver or Gold versions. Silver, the Silver option is the mainstream one. Thanks to the glass back though, the gold color is sometimes distorted. After 5 years, iPhone has a glass back, again. Eenmalig fnv korting bij kwikfit 908,-, eenmalig 904,-, eenmalig 853,-, eenmalig 950,-, eenmalig 896,-, eenmalig 910,-, eenmalig 876,- Eenmalig 877,- Eenmalig 849,- Eenmalig 928,- Eenmalig 932,- Eenmalig 932,- Eenmalig 0 Eenmalig 886,- Eenmalig 882,- Eenmalig 895,- Eenmalig 928,- Eenmalig 882,- Eenmalig 910,- Eenmalig 890,- Eenmalig 853,- Eenmalig 880,- Eenmalig.