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of a steam jet vacuum pump. The flow around the tubes causes a gentle condensation and museum overloon korting - as an extra advantage - low-noise operation during strongly fluctuating steam loads. A jet ejector requires no mechanical drive and has no moving parts. Washing, heating, sterilising and rinsing are possible applications, and the list can be extended at will. The motive fluid may be: steam at pressure above atmosphere atmospheric steam vacuum steam compressed gas or air atmospheric air water or other available liquids provided that the discharge pressure of the jet ejector or ejector stage in question is low enough. With this type of insulation, we expect a reduction in noise emissions of about 20 dB(A). The application field determines the shape of the flow cross-section which is designed individually dependent on the motive medium. General points, the methods described below for insulating jet ejectors, condensers, sound absorbers and pipes are merely suggestions. Insulate both the pipes connected and the jet ejector. Figures and examples.

The following table summarizes the terms of jet ejectors laid down according to DIN standards 24290.
When defining certain types of jet ejectors, the standard terms for motive fluid and material delivered (gas, steam, liquid, solids) can be replaced by specific ones.
Steam flowing through the nozzle is expanded to produce low pressure at the outlet.
This causes the neighbouring liquid to be sucked.
Steam condenses thereby heating the liquid which, when flowing out of the heater, achieves a further intermixing action in the tank.

Steam jet compressors, jet pump, thermocompressor, ejector Steam jet compressor Using water vapour as motive medium, steam jet compressors compress gases and/or vapours with large pressure differences.
Ejectors and vacuum technology - product overview For over 140 years now Körting Hannover AG has been in the business of supplying engineering performance, components and systems for process engineering plants.
Körting ejectors are maintenance free with no movable parts.
They meet the challenging requirements of industrial and municipal waste water treatment for a powerful oxygen transfer system that delivers results consistently.

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Each ejector is designed thereby individually for its application field and adjusted optimally to its respective utilisation. Zusätzlich bieten sie einen langlebigen Betrieb bei geringem Wartungsaufwand. Part of the kinetic energy is transferred to the suction flow. Steam jet heater ORK, to be installed in a piping system. For inquiries about controllable steam jet compressors please use this separate questionnaire. Sound insulation fittings and accessories Download brochure (PDF) Any questions?

Heaters with water supply. This basic principle applies to every jet ejector in different models and ranges of application. The end of a sound insulation section on the floor of the pipe or container.