korting eve matras

Arabic and Persian traders over a number of centuries, resulted in an extensive influence from the Arabic and Persian. Sombrero sombrero sombrero hat toreador bullfighter toreador bullfighter From Dutch edit Further information: List of Dutch loanwords in Indonesian The former colonial power, the Netherlands, left an extensive imprint on Indonesian vocabulary. The Portuguese were among the first westerners to sail east to the " Spice Islands ". Biblical apocrypha apkruphos hidden apologi. Psalms used to be translated as Zabur, the Arabic name, but now it is called Mazmur which corresponds more with Hebrew. El house of God usually loan rendered as bait Allah ( bait is a loanword from the cognate word (bayt) in Arabic). Gula sugar kuam sugar?

Korting eve matras
korting eve matras

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Dutch klise cliche cliché cliche cliché cliche Dutch kondèktur conductor (ticket-related) conducteur driver conducteur conductor (ticket-related) Dutch kornet cornet, a brass instrument cornet à pistons cornet, a brass instrument kudeta coup d'état coup d'état coup d'état kupe train seat coupé car legiun legion légion legion. Berurte fit, stroke or seizure beroerte fit, stroke or seizure beslit letter of appointment besluit decision, determination bstèl delivery place bestellen. Borrowing from Dutch fjord, Norwegian fjord, from Old Norse fjrr. Ladam horseshoe lam horseshoe lebai mosque employees lappai Tamil-speaking Muhammadans logam metal ulkam metal from lha metal madali a musical instrument mattaam a kind of drum malai strands mlai anything strung together maligai royal chamber in palace mikai top floor of a storied building? Varma.125 Indonesian - English, easywalker buggy korting English - Indonesian Dictionary, here: m/?langen t/indonesia/onani /cari? Accelerando accelerating aggiornamento bringing up to date, modernization aggiornamento bringing up to date, modernization allargando (music) decreasing in tempo; getting slower. One exception is "bantam derived from the name of the Indonesian province. Yahwe Yahweh *see note Yahweh. Helper tampi younger brother (Indian) tandil overseer taal tax-collector tandu palanquin tau pole of a palanquin or other vehicle tembaga copper cempu copper, gold, metal vessel teman friend tama friend (male) terusi, tursi blue vitriol turucu blue vitriol tirai curtain tirai curtain tolan friend tlan. Loan word borrowed from French from Vulgar Latin *accord, accordre (to be heart to heart with formed from Latin ad cor (heart). Moustache modal capital, stock mutal. Forum forum forum public place, marketplace, forum forum Portuguese hosti sacramental bread hostia sacramental bread hostie Dutch sacramental bread humaniora humanities hmnira humaniora Dutch intrnuntius Papal internuntius internuntius intermediary, messenger kanonis canonical canonicus canonical kantata song cantata cantada Portuguese kardinal cardinal, a official of Catholic.

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